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Do You Have A Shy Child?

While many people view shyness as a problem, you must remember that shyness is actually a personality characteristic and should not be viewed as a flaw. And keep in mind that shy children often have very likable qualities. They’re often nice, well-behaved and good listeners.

The way your child perceives shyness will depend mostly on your responses. If you accept your child’s personality and don’t focus on shyness as a problem, your child will be matter of fact about shyness – and not view it as a weakness. Instead, your child will see herself/himself as able to do and enjoy the same things other children do. A shy child who is not taught that something is wrong, will be just as confident, happy and involved as his/her more outgoing friends.

Your job as a parent is to accept your child and to help your child find activities and situations that make your child feel good. And while you may be convinced that your child will always be shy, it’s hard to predict the paths a child will take. Some children who are shy as young children, become less so as they get older.

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