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Sometimes a Little Change of Thought is Helpful as You go About Being the Best Parent You Can Be

You can learn a great deal about your child’s interests and abilities by watching him/her participate in activities.

When your child says, “Watch me!” s/he wants your positive attention and approval.

When your child hears you speaking politely to her and to other children and adults, she/he will begin to do as you do.

If your child constantly gets her way, he/she will gradually learn to feel entitled to do as he/she wishes.

Children are natural mimics. Watch what you say and do.

Most young children need constant reminders.

The tone you set in the morning is what your child will take with him/her as he/she starts the day.

If you change your expectations, you may realize that your child is simply acting as most young children do.

Help your child get ready in the morning in a loving, fun, and calm way.

It’s important for you and your children to start the day on a positive note.

Most phases children go through are easier to handle with a little patience and understanding.

Becoming a more patient parent takes purposeful effort and may require a change in attitude, priorities, or behavior.

The way parents treat their children has a major impact on their development of personality, interests, and abilities.

Despite differences in age, interests, personality, and skills, each of your children needs to feel special and important.

All children have a strong drive to be independent and imitate older people.

Setting limits and disciplining children is an extremely important part of parenting. And, it is important to understand that learning right from wrong is a gradual process. In general, children six and under are motivated to change their behavior “because mommy said” or when a punishment or privilege is mentioned, not because they understand how their negative behavior impacts others.

Children sometimes struggle as they grow, and for every step forward, there’s sometimes a short step backward to earlier behavior.

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